Thursday, August 6, 2009


So here are a TON of my favorite treasuries I've created on Etsy. They are like "Mini" pieces of art. I'm addicted to creating them. I wanted to have them all in one place. I hope you enjoy browsing through them. You will notice one thing...I LOVE COLOR! I've also done a bunch of treasuries I call "Who wants to be in my Treasury?". I pick a color and have people post their items in that color and I choose from their shops, the ones I think would work well together.

This was the last treasury! I LOVE IT!! I got some wonderful comments on this one.

My Vintage ETTEAM Treasury!

This purple color one came out AMAZING I think! I asked the fun question "Who wants to be in my treasury??".

This olive color one came out great with random shops. I asked the fun question "Who wants to be in my treasury??".

This is one of my lastest favorites!

I just love rainbow treasuries!!

My first treasury for the Etsy Treasury Team. Which I joined for obvious reasons.

I thought it would be fun to do a treasury of treasures!!

This one I made for my Hubby who had his 40th Birthday in July. He loves music and guitars so I had to so a guitar one for him.

This was one of my favorites!!
Snow White takes a BITE!!

I usually don't do light colors so I picked peach and made myself try and things and ended up with this wonderful treasury! I was very happy with the result.

We own 3 cats, Moxie, Adonis and Striker. So needless to say I love kitty buddies!
I added my Moxie girl to this treasury when she was a kitten. Top left hand corner.

This treasury I worked VERY HARD on! I dedicated it to my daughter who was born in the beautiful country of China.

Hee Hee this was my VERY FIRST Treasury! I was SOOO excited to make it. Little did I know how addicted I would become!

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