Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where Inspiration took me series...Volume 6

So a few weeks back I started a thread on one of the forums and asked people to post one of their items that fit my "Treasury Criteria". Here is the link:

SO, I got some REALLY great things and I'm saving everything I love and using it in a series of Treasuries I'm calling "Where Inspiration took me..Vol. ?"

This one Volume 6 was inspired by lorilooms super cool black and red fingerless gloves! They are so neat and fuzzy looking. To see more cool stuff from Lori check out her store

Also as I was searching for items I found this wonderful Black Bird of Paradise by Linelle10! Black bird HAD to be in and he inspired the "greens" in with Red and Black. To see more super cool art by Linelle10 check out her store

Thanks so much for checking this out. Click HERE to be my next inspiration!