Sunday, October 18, 2009

More on my Inspiration Series

So a few weeks back I started a thread on one of the forums and asked people to post one of their items that fit my "Treasury Criteria". Here is the link:

SO, I got some REALLY great things and I'm saving everything I love and using it in a series of Treasuries I'm calling "Where Inspiration took me..Vol. ?"

This is my Volume 3, 4, 5 and Volume 7 Treasuries!

Volume 3 was inspired by the AMAZING RING by
The ring's name is even cool "
Summer Thunder Kentucky Agate Ring"!

Volume 4 was inspired by the Bright Red top by
I hadn't done a Bright Red treasury in a while and this one was FUN~

Volume 5
was inspired by the super cool Ring by MultiKulti
Here is her shop
Her shop has lots of neat items but this ring really caught my attention. So things just fell into place once I found that.

For Volume 7 Inspiration came from LiftedIndustries wonderful Windsor - Beaded Neck Ruff
Her photo was fabulous and inspired me to do a romantic brown treasury. I really love how it came out!!

Thanks so much for checking this out. Click HERE to be my next inspiration!


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  1. Have truly enjoyed these, as have many others it seems! Congrats on the front page too! Beautifully curated and lovely to behold!