Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm VERY PLEASED to introduce you to my fellow ETTEAM mate and friend NIFTYKNITS!

She makes the Coolest little Meerkats! They crack me up everytime I see them! She does such an amazing job with the outfits and themes!

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Do you have a Favorite color?

Purple, always. Unless it’s turquoise.

What would you say is your Favorite smell?

Bacon being grilled by Mr Nifty for lunch!

What would be your Favorite place to live?

I love living where we do now, in the English countryside, but it would be perfect if it was near enough to walk to the sea.

All time top 5 Favorite songs?

This is where I let my age show!
In no particular order: “Stairway to Heaven” Led Zeppelin
“Trouble” by Cat Stevens (which never fails to make me cry)
Virtually ALL early Beatles songs – but if I have to choose, I’ll go with “And I love her”.

Here’s one with a silly reason – I used to have a compilation tape when I was a teenager, and one line of a song had stuck in my head for years, but I just had no idea who it was by (or the rest of it!)
I mentioned it one day to my son, long before I was computer literate – and he googled and downloaded it. It’s called “Fresh Garbage” by Spirit.
Last one: Wondrin’ Aloud by Jethro Tull – I saw them play that way way back in the early seventies!

What are your top 5 favorite movies?

Easier one! Harold and Maude (fab soundtrack by Cat Stevens)
Casablanca (We’ll always have Paris)
Lord of the Rings boxed set (cheat!)
Wayne’s World and the new Star Trek film – I liked it even BEFORE it helped me sell lots of meerkats!

How do you enjoy spending your time?

Walking in the countryside with my husband, being with my grown-up kids in Brighton, knitting, reading – I’m not expensive to entertain!

What is your favorite piece from your shop?

It changes, but right now it’s either the Superhero set of Meerkats or the little pumpkin one.


I really like how they turned out, the pumpkin in particular looks so sweet as she gazes up hoping for treats!

What is your Favorite Etsy shop?

Too many to count! has been a favorite of mine for a long, long time, I love her flutterbutts and was thrilled to find she liked my work too, so we were able to trade. I now have an Etsy Sales Fairy which works well as long as I remember to take her out for walks to recharge her magic.


  1. I had such fun reading through your blog! And so nice to see a feature on Nifty - she's done a great job with her meerkats!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jaci!
    I just love Nifty's Meerkats!

  3. I LOVE the meerkats! THey are so fabulous!

  4. Thank you ! I just dragged myself out of bed to get ready for the day job - it was wonderful to see my other side being celebrated. I confess I hadn't pictured Mr Nifty as the Pilgrim Father meerkat ... not until now!

  5. Fun interview, but how could it not be when it is all about Nifty and meerkats. Great to see more of this side of Nifty.

  6. Enjoyable interview! Those meerkats have become a modern classic.

  7. Fun interview! Love the super hero meerkat about a Wonder Woman meerkat?

  8. do you know, I had thought about doing wonderwoman soon. Trouble is - there really is soooo much yarn, sooo many designs in my head - and so little time! I'm hard at work on some twitter knits right now....coming soon!

  9. Very fun interview! And super cute meerkats as well!

  10. wonderful interview! We all love nifty, and it is good to get to know her better!

  11. fiery and passionate Nifty! My Italian-blooded ;) friend! I loved reading this interview. You have done miracles with your creative meerkats and not-less-creative marketing techniques. Hugs!!