Thursday, November 5, 2009

**Psychedelic Man** & First Kiss

Check it out man!! Volumes 16 & 17 went up today!

This newest Treasury in my Series is super funky and fun!
Volume 16 of My Inspiration Series was totally inspired
sarada's amazing Psychedelic Rainbow painting!
Check out her shop at

Volume 17 was inspired byt "First Kiss" by mysticfae!
I just LOVE that illustration. Check out her super cool artwork!
It's very unique and worth the trip over!! This whole treasury is full of
wonderfully talented artist! The "Hair" photo is truly amazing.
Check out this shop as well.

To be my next Inspiration Click here and leave me a comment about your shop.

Peace and Love Man!

1 comment:

  1. "First Kiss" inspiration lead to the inclusion of "In the Deepest" earrings in this gorgeous selection. Thank you so much! - Ebru